Yanukovych Can't Get A Decent Cameraman

Watch this clip and be amazed at the selection of shots and its montage from President's national address on the Constitution Day.


Looks like they grabbed a fifth-grader off the street to do their job. They probably didn't even give him candy for it.

Come on guys, I know you suck at politics, but what happened to quality!? I mean, this is worse than Van Helsing. This is just embarrassing for a National Holiday video.

Here is somewhat transcript:

Yanukovych: Adopted in 1996, the Constitution of Ukraine, in its key tenets, has passed the test of time. In terms of defining human freedoms and rights it is regarded as one of the most progressive in the world. That said, the state-building experience over the years that have passed since the adoption of the supreme law of the land, has proven that the Constitution of Ukraine under modern dynamic historical conditions needs certain changes. Some of its norms, namely those hastily adopted in 2004, have become a cause of loss of balance and profound government crisis, and thus an object of criticism from within the country and from the international community. At the same time, I want to emphasize: Rectifying the current shortcomings — the constitutional improvement process — must in no way become a political act. It is a serious change of social relations that has to rest on the will of the people, reflect today’s reality, and define the state’s progress in general.


Once again, I greet all compatriots on the Constitution Day of Ukraine. I wish you concord, peace and goodness. May the upholding of the constitutional norms and the unwavering protection of human rights and freedoms become a guarantee of the successful development of the Ukrainian state, the strengthening of humanism and the supremacy of law in our land.


Via Ukrainiana