Don't brag about your child's drawing talent

If you are a senseless douchebag having no love or sympathy to the kids, checkout this "I AM BETTER than your kids" website.

Maddox is behind this senseless commentary, demeaning and scorning child's art work by grading it from A to F — is this your type of thing? I've only found F pieces so far.


I was standing around in a co-worker's cubicle at my old job one day, and noticed that she had poorly drawn pictures hanging in her cubicle. So I told her they sucked. She took offense and brought to my attention that it was drawn by her 4-year-old nephew. It changed nothing. In fact, it only strengthened my resolve to grade children's artwork, because I don't think kids should get a free pass for being kids. Coddling children ruins them. Mozart wasn't coddled, and look at him: dead and famous. Most people will only ever accomplish being dead in life. Mozart accomplished two things.

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