Streetline Parking in San Francisco

Streetline in San Francisco has developed a wireless parking sensor technology that will assist you with open parking spots over your smartphone.

You have your phone and you arrive to the spot. What do you do when you can't find parking? Your smartphone will tell you where there is an open parking space. Eventually, I see these units installed all over the city, where there is parking, and communicate the information to Google.

Perhaps it is only time for these cute boxes to be installed all over NYC, unless Bruce McCall's idea becomes real!

Unfortunately these devices do not forward the Wifi connection — imagine if they did. Then you would have wireless wherever there is parking: sidewalks. If the city is already installing these devices, how hard would it be to actually implement Wifi forwarding? They don't have to be that powerful, but at least people will have Wifi at parking spots.

via. Doobybrain