Task List in Github Pull Requests + Do Not Merge WIP Plugin for Chrome

Using checkboxes, or task lists, in pull request description is not new. This feature seems to have existed since 2013.

Basically, you write this:

- [ ] a task list item
- [ ] normal **formatting**, @mentions, #1234 refs
- [ ] incomplete
- [x] completed

and it will turn your GitHub Flavored Markdown into a list with checkboxes:

Task List

What makes this cool, is that when you combine it with the Do Not Merge WIP for GitHub plugin, it looks if there are any unchecked checkboxes and won't let you merge the commit like so:

Can't Merge WIP

In any case, why would you be trying to merge this PR when the dashboard clearly says that not all tasks have been finished:

PR List

I wonder if there are any cool plugins like this for Safari.