Tokyos oldest man dead for 30 years

His granddaughter told investigators Kato holed up in his room about 30 years ago after declaring he wanted to be a living Buddha, police and Tokyo officials said. They believe Kato died soon after that.</p>

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Coding Procedures

1. Make it work</p>

2. Make it work well

3. Make it read well

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Minnesota moves e-mail to Microsoft's cloud - Computerworld

Computerworld - Minnesota said Tuesday that it is moving its messaging and collaboration services to Microsoft's cloud computing platform in an effort to address multiple issues -- including an aging workforce, increasing red ink and a desire for shared services.</p>

Approximately 33,000 state workers in Minnesota will be affected by the move, which could be one of the largest public sector migrations to a cloud platform.

We will see how long it will take for Minnesota to halt their services. While Los Angeles moves to Google:

The City of Los Angeles late last year agreed to shift about 30,000 employees to Google Apps from the Novell GroupWise collaboration system.

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Buffalo as Data Center Mecca

I would not mind moving to Canada if there is an attractive firm. Why not make all data centers automated and move to California?

In western New York, the Buffalo area may be fast becoming a prime location for data centers in America. Having recently hosted the opening of a new Yahoo data center in Lockport, the area is now being considered for a new Verizon data center.

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Did Little Bobby Tables migrate to Sweden?

As you may have heard, weve had a very close election here in Sweden. Today the Swedish Election Authority published the hand written votes. While scanning through them I happened to notice

R;13;Hallands län;80;Halmstad;01;Halmstads västra valkrets;0904;Söndrum 4;pwn DROP TABLE VALJ;1

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Memories - Weezer


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Radiohead Fans Create Band DVD Strictly For Fans

On 23rd August 2009 a group of Radiohead fans descended on</p>

the Výstavištĕ Holešovice Exhibition Hall in Prague on a mission –

to capture the band playing using as many different angles as possible.

Bringing together the exceptional talents of many contributors,

here is the result.

They came, filmed, edited the result with band's master soundtrack. Not for sale and strictly for fans.

Here are some results:





What iTunes 10 reminds me of

GNOME: The Free Software Desktop Project. Ahhhh... the good old days. But why these icons?

Read more... in Ukrainian

Congratulations to Geni for releasing localisations for 20 languages.


"Insensitivity" Near Ground Zero

One by one, the arguments against the proposed Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero have collapsed. A "13-story mosque"? No such plan. "At Ground Zero"? Wrong again. The imam's radical politics? A myth. His shadowy jihadist financiers? Imagined. His failure to denounce terrorism? Debunked. The "angry battle" he's "stoking"? Please. The guy isn't even returning phone calls. The anger and stoking have come from the other side.</p>

So the mosque's opponents have fallen back on one last argument: sensitivity.

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