Adobe CS5 Barrier

If you are trying to install CS5, good luck. The program will tell you to reformat your harddrive first and then it will tell you to buy a new computer.
Case Sensitive CS5
Talk about Adobe going down the hill...


Nike buys Miyashita Park (宮下公園)

Having been away from Japan for about a year, there are new things and changes that I see. One of them is a little disturbing.

As I was touring my grandmother through Tokyo, we stopped at Miyashita Kouen.

I saw several signs protesting against NIKE. Turns out, NIKE had bought the park from the local government and had renamed it into Miyashita Nike park. This has caused some outrage from the locals. They argue that public places are not for sale and were disappointed that the deal was done behind closed doors.

I came back and googled around. Here is a documentary about the park. Not exactly a documentary but a report from the local protesters.

The fact remains that the place is a slum and fills with the sketch of Shibuya. It will be interesting to see the transformation. Maybe it will become a place like the top of Takashimaya, which was featured on Fast and Furious.


Майдан in a day

Harddrive space was running out on my computer so I started cleaning it and I found series of webcam screenshots of the Independence Square in Ukraine. At the bottom was a movie timelaps of the whole day, so I decided to upload it to youtobe:


Yanukovych Vinok

Beautifully choreographed flowers pwn Yanukovych:


This incident has lead to creation of some wonderful photo montages/animations:

And my personal favorite:



Scanning New York City With Lasers From 3,500 Feet

Scanning New York City With Lasers From 3,500 Feet - NewYorkCity - Gizmodo: "Last week, in the early hours of the morning, a crew methodically swept over New York City in a laser-equipped Shrike Commander aircraft. They were busy creating the most accurate, detailed 3D map of the city to date."

(Via Gizmodo.)