Compiling non-digest assets with asset_sync gem in Rails 4.0

In some cases non-digest compilation of assets is required. How to get that done in Rails 4.


Printing from iframe when CSS is limiting

Style your pages for printing using iframe when you hit a roadblock with CSS.


How is Dropbox's Mailbox app any different from LinkedIn Intro app?

Spoiler: it's not.


Improve your Github + Pivotal workflow with git_tracker

Pivotal Tracker has a cool feature where it adds your git commit messages related to your story as comments.


Passing multiple multi-line strings as arguments to a ruby method

Ever had a need to pass not just one, but two or even multiple multiline strings to a method in one go?


Percent Notation and Symbols in Ruby 2.0

Ruby is nice because it has the percent notation for working with different base elements such as strings, arrays, and symbols. You can create different objects by replacing the character after the ‘%’ mark.


Reset iOS Simulator With a Rake Task

A slight annoyance while developing with RubyMotion is having to reset the iOS Simulator. It is quite frustrating to use a mouse sometimes to perform a repetitive task, so I thought it would be nice to simplify that to run it in a command line.

By executing AppleScript using the osascript command, we can call the "Reset Content and Settings" menu item in the simulator and have it reset by running the following rake task:

rake simulator:reset


Time to Market

In the world of software development, time-to-market is the driving force of the business.

via OmniTI ~ Your Code May Be Elegant.


Ember Example Applications

Here is a list of Ember's example applications. I will be updating this list as I find new prototypes.


Sublime Text 2 Is Awesome

I forgot to mention that I have recently switched my text editor to Sublime Text 2.

At first glance it is very much like Vico and TextWrangler, but there is one extension that makes it much more unique.

Once you install Package Control, the editor transforms into a power-house. The idea is very similar to Coda's Plugin manager, but with a different approach.

The editor is rails friendly and much needed VI extension is available through VintageEx.

Other cool extensions for Sublime Text 2 include: HTML2Halm, CoffeeScript, Coffee Compile… and you can find more packages here.