Time to Market

In the world of software development, time-to-market is the driving force of the business.

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Ember Example Applications

Here is a list of Ember's example applications. I will be updating this list as I find new prototypes.


Sublime Text 2 Is Awesome

I forgot to mention that I have recently switched my text editor to Sublime Text 2.

At first glance it is very much like Vico and TextWrangler, but there is one extension that makes it much more unique.

Once you install Package Control, the editor transforms into a power-house. The idea is very similar to Coda's Plugin manager, but with a different approach.

The editor is rails friendly and much needed VI extension is available through VintageEx.

Other cool extensions for Sublime Text 2 include: HTML2Halm, CoffeeScript, Coffee Compile… and you can find more packages here.


Js2coffee: convert JavaScript code to CoffeeScript

I was having trouble converting plain javascript to coffeescript, then I found Js2coffee.


Just - Mark Ronson ft. Phantom Planet

Some funky song.


Try Git

I've been using git for versioning for some time now. But for those of you who are starting out and want to jump right into it, Codeschool has a nice online class for you: http://try.github.com/


Sunny Road by Emiliana Torrini

This tickles my brain


CoffeeScript: A New Way of Looking

You could say CoffeeScript goes hand in hand with Ruby on Rails development. Here is a quick and nice syntax intro to CoffeeScript.

RubySource | CoffeeScript: A New Way of Looking at ThingsRubySource:

CoffeeScript allows human programmers to write code in an easily understandable form. The compiler then translates the code into JavaScript. The code is compiled and then run as a JavaScript application.</p>


Data Scraping With Ruby

If you are looking for a way to scrape data off of websites that do not have an API, here is a simple how-to video for it.

Data Scraping And More With Ruby, Nokogiri, Sinatra And Heroku - Hunter Powers:

Data scraping is the process of extracting data from output that was originally intended for humans. A web page is an example of output originally intended for humans in contrast to an API intended for use by other programs.</p>

Nokogiri is a Ruby Gem that extracts data from web pages using CSS selectors. Additionally, it provides methods to help parse (make sense of) the results. The use of CSS selectors allows you to easily target the data you wish to extract from a URL.


Moving away from PHP

This is exactly why I am moving away from GoDaddy and PHP.

Coding Horror: The PHP Singularity:

I can’t even say what’s wrong with PHP, because – okay. Imagine you have uh, a toolbox. A set of tools. Looks okay, standard stuff in there.</p>

You pull out a screwdriver, and you see it’s one of those weird tri-headed things. Okay, well, that’s not very useful to you, but you guess it comes in handy sometimes.

You pull out the hammer, but to your dismay, it has the claw part on both sides. Still serviceable though, I mean, you can hit nails with the middle of the head holding it sideways.

You pull out the pliers, but they don’t have those serrated surfaces; it’s flat and smooth. That’s less useful, but it still turns bolts well enough, so whatever.

And on you go. Everything in the box is kind of weird and quirky, but maybe not enough to make it completely worthless. And there’s no clear problem with the set as a whole; it still has all the tools.

Now imagine you meet millions of carpenters using this toolbox who tell you “well hey what’s the problem with these tools? They’re all I’ve ever used and they work fine!” And the carpenters show you the houses they’ve built, where every room is a pentagon and the roof is upside-down. And you knock on the front door and it just collapses inwards and they all yell at you for breaking their door.

That’s what’s wrong with PHP.