Javascript MVC Frameworks

After careful consideration, I have decided to stick with Ember.js for my new Javascript MVC experiment.

The Top 10 Javascript MVC Frameworks Reviewed - CodeBrief:

At the end of the day, Ember.js is the only framework which has everything I desire.</p>


Portfolio on Rails

Finished upgrading my portfolio website to Rails -- hosted on Heroku. Photo content is hosted on Flickr and is directly fetched from there by the client. This should tell you more about how appreciative I am of GoDaddy.


Mark Gonzales vs THPS

Stumbled upon a character named Mark Gonzales; known for revolutionizing street skating. What used to be a flatland arena, has been overturned to become more acrobatic with Mark's invention of Grinds.

Got linked to a video of some of his contemporaries skating in various locations, and found some similarities with THPS level designs. This would be interesting to know what the inspiration was for those games.

Here is a 3-part documentary:

Blind ~ Video Days

Side note: Mark was born the same year as Tony Hawk (1968)


Casssius: Original Obsession

I Love You So

Feeling For You


Authlogic in Rails 3

Most tutorials you find on Authlogic assume Rails 2. Here is somewhat useful Authlogic setup walkthrough for Rais 3 by Logan Bailey.


iPad promotion in Hiroshima Dialect



oenophile - a lover of wine.

The word did not exist in the wine lexicon until 1977 when Shirley Copperman coined it for her new bring-your-own-wine restaurant she and her husband dubbed "Oenophilia", located on the upper West Side of Manhattan


End of the World

This is where the end of the world begins.

Chinese want to capture an asteroid into Earth's orbit:

At first glance, nudging an asteroid closer to Earth seems like one of those "what could possible go wrong" scenarios that we generally try and avoid, and for good reason: large asteroid impacts are bad times. The Chinese, though, seem fairly optimistic that they could tweak the orbit of a near-Earth asteroid by just enough (a change in velocity of only about 1,300 feet-per-second or so) to get it to temporarily enter Earth orbit at about twice the distance as the Moon. The orbit would be unstable, and eventually (after a few years) the asteroid would head back out into space from whence it came, but it would stick there long enough for us to poke around on it.</p>


Cities of the Future


Halflife-Shortfilm: Escape from City 17

Nicely used effects and a well budgeted short.

Filmed guerilla style. No crew. First two episodes made on a $500 budget, not including previous capital. Valve flew the brothers out to Seattle before it the release, and mentioned they were 'blown away' by the project on Steam.

A story about the connection that grows between two people during the battle for city 17. Made in the same gritty guerrilla style as the original, it was made on a $250 budget, previously owned/donated software, time, and an HVX200 camera.