Wikipedia meets their fundraising goal: $16 million

Network World reports that Wikipedia has successfully reached their $16 million funding requirement for 2011. Looks like Jimmy's face on the front page has done some good after all.

I must agree. Advertising does not belong in Wikipedia:

Commerce is fine. Advertising is not evil. But it doesn't belong here. Not in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is something special. It is like a library or a public park.

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Graphic Violence

"Graphic Violence" by Corridor Digital.

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FreshDirect Donates 72,000 Pounds After Snow Storm


FreshDirect Donates 72,000 Pounds After Snow Storm:

Our friends at FreshDirect donated approximately 72,000 pounds of food to City Harvest this week after Monday’s snowstorm brought business to a halt on the east coast! Attached are shots from this morning’s 1,000 pound drop off at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in Chelsea, where 1,250 hungry New Yorkers eat lunch every day.</p>

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Chopsticks in Japan

My Life in Japan...WOW:

Japanese Person asks  a foreigner, "Can you eat with chop sticks?"</p>

1.  Incorrect answer by a foreigner:  "Yes I can"

2.  Correct answer by a foreigner:    "Can you eat with a fork?"


New post: Trinity Church in Antarctica http://bit....

New post: Trinity Church in Antarctica


Trinity Church in Antarctica

Trinity Church in Antarctica

Trinity Church


Don't brag about your child's drawing talent

If you are a senseless douchebag having no love or sympathy to the kids, checkout this "I AM BETTER than your kids" website.

Maddox is behind this senseless commentary, demeaning and scorning child's art work by grading it from A to F — is this your type of thing? I've only found F pieces so far.


I was standing around in a co-worker's cubicle at my old job one day, and noticed that she had poorly drawn pictures hanging in her cubicle. So I told her they sucked. She took offense and brought to my attention that it was drawn by her 4-year-old nephew. It changed nothing. In fact, it only strengthened my resolve to grade children's artwork, because I don't think kids should get a free pass for being kids. Coddling children ruins them. Mozart wasn't coddled, and look at him: dead and famous. Most people will only ever accomplish being dead in life. Mozart accomplished two things.

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Pizza Party

Directors Matt Wells and Tim Ronca present you "Pizza Party":

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New Solar Power Technology Revealed

BBC News:

A prototype solar device has been unveiled which mimics plant life, turning the Sun's energy into fuel.</p>

The machine uses the Sun's rays and a metal oxide called ceria to break down carbon dioxide or water into fuels which can be stored and transported.

The 'fuel' for this machine is just like plant's — water and carbon dioxide, and it will produce a byproduct of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Produces of this machines can be easily used as fuel. Hydrogen will be utilized in hydrogen fuel cells and
a combinatino of carbon monoxide and hydrogen can produce syngas.


The prototype is extremely inefficient, utilizing only 0.7% of the solar energy, but this US-Swiss invention can finally allow us to harness single most simple element of all — hydrogen. This could be a solution to our long addiction to oil.

The reason for the emergence of new electricity generation technologies is due to Peak Oil. It is believed that we have tapped almost all oil reserves. Once we hit the 0 mark on our oil supply, life will be quite different. How would we operate our cars? How would we get to work? How would we transport products? These kinds of questions need answers, and the answer is investment in alternatives such as this.


The Horror of Merry Christmas by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert

Wait and see. Your presents might be just waiting for you.


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Sleigh Bells "Rill Rill"