Jelly Wobbler

If you want to wobble your jelly, here is the device for it. By Nik Ramage.

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Studio Shelter: "Play" by Cassette Schwarzenegger

Cassette Schwarzenegger's disco-tune, "PLAY", has a music video directed by Studio Shelter.

Here is some info about the video:

Director : Kim Youngseok
Art Director : Ha Juan
Animation Director : Park Taejoon
Animation Artist : Jung Hyunjung / Lee Hyein
Technical Director : Yang Jungwoo
Sound Design : Lee Sunghwan
Character Design : Han Jihea / Kwak Sinyoung / Choi Sungmin
Background : Kim Gawa / Lee Seulgi

This single is available at iTunes Music Store.

Studio Shelter is a Korean-lead production company, winning an award at Cut & Paste Seoul 2010.

Here is the video that got Ha Juan, the art director, the prize:


Mavounia-Kouka / Erwan Castex: "Spanish Breakfast"

Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka, a designer based in Paris directs a music video for RONE of Infiné Music.

This video reminds me "The Beatles' Yellow Submarine" movie. Perhaps it's the flashiness and the bright colourwork of yellow and and red involving ACID.

Erwan Castex, young Parisian DJ is the sole person behind Rone's beats; influences ranging from Massive Attack to Ellen Allien and Laurent Garnier, etc. If it suits your taste, Rone's album, "Spanish Breakfast," is also available on iTunes.

Here are some of Rone's tracks:

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Magic Shutter

Magic Shutter is an awesome app that lets you develop long exposure photographs on your iPhone. The video is self explanatory:

According to Wired, the app uses image processing to some extent to provide the effects, so this is not a straightforward long exposure app. The app has several camera modes and this programming allows you to adjust your phone to get the desired effect.

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Ukraine Opens Chernobyl for Tourism

If you are into that Zombie crap, Ukraine is opening up quarantined Chernobyl zone for tourists. I can only imagine it to be popular between zombie lovers and amateur photographers.


The zone has been accessible to visitors only with permission from a special department of the Emergency Ministry, which ran the tours.</p>

The ministry said it would now authorise private companies to carry out guided tours of the area.

The sad truth is that the scenery is the attraction — not the history. You must not forget that generations were wiped out creating gaps in the demographic. This disaster has crippled Ukraine due to Russia's mismanagement; or did it bring fame in the mid-stages of Ukrainian independence?

Here are some photos Pripyat, an abandoned city in the zone of alienation, from Collin Davis's gallery:





Cities of the Underworld / Paris Metro

Cities of the Underworld is a documentary hosted by Don Wildman following history of a city and the underground. Literally. The documentary explores tunnels and ditches of dark places.

Sleepcity has posted numerous photographs with beautiful descriptions of the Paris underground tunnel system involving the metro.

The subway construction of the tunnels began in 1896 to provide transportation for the Parisians. "[R]esidents even went to far as to ensure the metro ran right hand side, to guarantee non-interoperability with the left hand side system in the suburbs."





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Shopping Lines

I always get annoyed at the lines at Whole Foods because they are so damn long! Turns out the one-line arrangement is the most efficient way of moving customers in a shop.

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Eskmo - We Got More

Eskmo's "We Got More" music video directed by Cyriak Harris.


Beta Shell Lens Cases

You end up buying a bag for your camera with no proper protection for your lens.
Beta Shell Lens Cases will protect you from water, shock and heat.

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